What Factors Should You Consider When Integrating a Payment Gateway?

What Factors Should You Consider When Integrating a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways are an essential part of any eCommerce business.

Whether you’re a small retailer or enterprise, the right payment gateway can help you accept payments on your website, mobile apps, and social networks.

But choosing the right one for your business is no easy task — there are many factors to consider.

6 Considerations During Payment Gateway Integration

Here are some critical factors when integrating a payment gateway into your checkout flow.

 1. Payment options

Some payment gateways allow you to choose which payment method you want to use, while others will support all of them. If your business offers multiple payment options, choose one supported by your merchant account.

 2. User interface

Different payment gateways have different interfaces and user experiences, so make sure you know what your customers will see before you integrate a new one.

If you have an existing checkout flow that works well with your current merchant account, it might be best to stick with it for now rather than make many changes later.

 3. Merchant account type

Some payment gateways work better with certain merchant accounts than others. For example, PayPal supports many types of accounts, but Google Wallet only works with certain types of accounts (like PayPal).

If you’re unsure which type will work best for you, read more about choosing the right merchant account type for your business.

 4. Analytics and insights

Look for a payment gateway that can provide detailed analytics on what is happening with your customers. This will help you understand the way your business is performing, as well as help you make informed decisions about how to improve.

 5. Ease of integration

Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution or want to integrate your code, make sure that the payment gateway is easy to integrate with your eCommerce platform.

What now?

Remember, people choose a payment gateway because they want an easy way to accept payments online.

If your merchant account comes with a built-in integrated payment gateway, it’s incredibly easy for merchants to integrate with their payment provider.

If not, it might be time for some research into different options that offer this functionality — especially if it means saving money on fees by switching providers.


Ease of integration, payment options, and merchant account type are important Payment Gateway factors.

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